Interesting Links

This page contains various interesting links I have received from people or have discovered on my own! If I got this link from someone, they are given the appropriate recognition! For now, this list is largely unsorted and is most likely "most-recent-first" order...

If you have any links you think I will find interesting, please email them to me!

Online Typing Test (Adil Husain, 052401)
Chinese music via Flash program (Van Hong, 050101)
Language Translator (Van Hong, 050101)
Portuguese<->English Translator (lindinha from ICQ, 050101)
Paint-by-Numbers game (Van Hong referred from Milly Shiu's website, 042701)
BLOGGER - Push-button publishing for the people (Milly Shiu's website, 042701)
htmlGEAR - Free Guestbook, Free Poll, Free Site Add-ons (Milly Shiu's website, 042701)
A puzzle page... (Van Hong, 042501)
Very interesting "earthquake" link... (Karen Cai, 042201)
Interesting stick-figure fighting sequence! (Karen Cai, 041901)
CrushLink - An Interesting Concept... I wonder if it works... (Anonymous crush email, 041701)
Web Economy Bullshit Generator (Jennifer Liu, 081301)
ALL LOOK SAME (Van Hong, 082801)
Bubble drink ( (via Yahoo!, 082901)
Pearl Station (Van Hong, 082901)
Interview With God (Douglas Alexander, 090501)
So You Want To Learn Japanese... (Van Hong, 092401)
What years are leap years? (Van Hong, 092501)
First known illegal prime (Van Hong, 092501)
Japanese Engrish (Van Hong, 100501)
Dumb Laws (Michael Chu, 101001)
Dumb Warnings (Michael Chu, 101001)
Guide to Shooting Rubber Bands (Adil Husain, 102601)
The Rubber Bandit (Van Hong, 102601)
CME Globex2 Flash Quotes (Javier Solis, 011402) FlightTracker (Michael Chu, 012302)
Einfach nur Bilder! (cute pictures) (Jennifer Liu, 020102)
Neat Personality Test (Amy Chu, 021502)
Allernet - NPN National Allergy Forecasts (Michael Chu, 022702)

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