Interesting Interview Questions

This page lists interesting interview questions that have been told to me by colleagues, family, and friends.

If you have any more interesting interview questions, please let me know!

    There are 3 people (A, B, and C). They varying in height such that person C is shorter than person B, and person B is shorter than person A. They all stand facing the same direction, from tallest (A) to shortest (C). In this position, person A can see the top of the heads of person B and C; person B can see the top of the head of person A only, and person A can not see the top of anyone's head. On the top of the heads of each person is placed a hat of either black or white color. The hats which are placed on each person's head are selected at random from a pile of 2 black hats and 3 white hats. The remaining unused hats are not visible to the 3 people. Each person cannot see the color of his own hat either, only the colors of the hats of the people directly in front of him. Each of the 3 people is instructed to tell the other 2 people if he knows the color of his own hat (he does not tell them what color his hat is though). After a sufficient amount of time, no one says anything, indicating no one knows the color of the hat on top of his head. At this point, person C (the shortest person) announces happily that he knows what color hat is on top of his head! How can this be?! And what color is the hat on person C's head?
--- submitted by Anonymous (she was a bit shy so didn't want her name up!)

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